Ushers, Trustees and Elders of Your Church

There are many individuals that are entrusted with an office of their church. They are either appointed or elected to an office of their congregation. This article examines three very important positions that are held by lay individuals in their church.


Ushers have more responsibilities than just seating people as they enter the church. Their main objective is to keep things in an orderly manner. They hand out programs and church bulletins, they help handicapped individuals, they light candles, attend the sound systems, assist in the collection of monies, remove loud babies and individuals. They do things that help make the service run smoothly.


A trustee’s title is different in many congregations. They could solely responsible for church expenses. They could even assume the duties of a usher. Since I have already covered an ushers duties, let’s look at other trustee responsibilities. Financially, they make sure bills get paid in an orderly manner. It is good if this is entrusted to several and not just one person. They also make sure that the building is well maintained for comfort. This means a workable internal environment. good heating, air conditioning, and lighting. They meet on a regular basis to do this things.

Church Elders

Church elders have a very special job. They are responsible for stewardship, fellowship, evangelism, church discipline, and leaders of church doctrine. They make sure that the minister follows the constitution of the church. They always look to take a proactive approach to all areas of church business. It is the job of the elders to even remove a minister, if they find him to be leading the church astray.

Holding a church office is an important responsibility and it should be taken very seriously. There is no glory to be found serving others. An officer should be humble. They will, like any individual, be subject to character scrutiny. However, at the end of the day, you will have an internal feeling of a good job done well. That truly is the only reward that you will get.